10 Tips to care for your Durag

10 Tips to care for your Durag 1

After buying your IceBaeBae Durag, we want you to get the best usage out of it, check out these 10 Durag Care tips to help you on our wave journey!

  1. A clean durag is likewise acceptable skincare, so stay away from earth and microbes that can influence your skin.

  2. Abstain from sharing durags with others.

  3. Try not to put your durag in the clothes washer.

  4. Hand wash your durag regular mild soap

  5. At times utilize a little conditioner to keep the durag delicate and soft

  6. Gently squeeze excess water, leave to air dry (never utilize a dryer).

  7. Rather than throwing them in a drawer, hang durags on a hanger

  8. Always buy an extra durag for when your hair isn’t as fresh as out of the shower.

  9. Realize when it’s an ideal opportunity to release it (normally when the gaps start).

  10. For best haircare, invest into silky durags

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